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About Me


Burnout can happen for many reasons. 

It can start with feeling overwhelmed - with  many things on the 'to-do' list. But then as you begin to skip meals, sleep a little less, or have disrupted sleep you may not realize some of the physical symptoms that begin. Headaches or an upset stomach can occur. You might think, "these will pass". Or, "I just don't feel well today".

I know you feel like a superhuman - and you, are an amazing person - But, you don’t have to solve every problem (even though you think you do), and carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. It is not sustainable.

Perhaps you are 'keeping things together', even though you know you are walking a thin line. This is the point where you can make a few changes and likely recover fairly quickly. If you are at this point, I implore you to really take what I have to say to heart.

I was barely managing my personal life and work, and kept thinking, "things will slow down soon" and "I've got this. I'm a strong person."

Then, a few things happened within a fairly short period of time. I had been 'managing' an autoimmune illness, a full-time job in management (during the COVID pandemic) and a rocky marriage. So the added mental burden of a separation and the death of a parent - within 6 weeks of each other - were the tipping point for me. My other parent became quite ill and over the next year had extreme health challenges, and also passed away. All of these things became overwhelming and I went through an extremely stressful period of my life. 

We each have our own boat that we are trying to manage, throughout the storms that we each face in life. Navigating them can be difficult. But, managing too many 'storms' at once pushes you past the 'breaking point'.

Often, what I hear from people is that they were 'managing' knowing they were 'running out of steam'. Then something happened that was the 'straw that broke the camel's back'. (Isn't it interesting that we have so many euphemisms to describe burnout and/or stress?)

Life has many ups and downs. Burnout can happen to anyone, at any time.

As someone who has an autoimmune illness, I completely understand what it is like to navigate managing symptoms, while completing test after test, advocating for myself while waiting for a diagnosis, and undergoing surgeries. Managing pain and symptoms while working full-time, balancing family life, and desperately trying to hold onto relationships with family and friends.

I have worked with many clients over the years who were coping with stress. Learning how to manage stress is the critical piece to preventing and overcoming burnout.

It is possible to take back control, and regain your energy. To create the life you want.

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